Hello Riders!!

A bit of an update, while we did have a warm up on Sunday and Monday we still have VERY GOOD conditions! We’ve had such a great base that has been a blessing to help us make it through the couple of warm ups we’ve had this season. The wooded trails are great! You will find many trails that are near the roads to have slushy or bare spots and some as we call “snirt” spots (snow + dirt). The roads as well are quite bare. However these areas of mention are generally connecting routes from one trail to another so you will not have to travel them long and they are most certainly passable. The groomers are out this week now after the cool down and smoothing everything up as well as pulling some side snow into corners where needed and they are able. The lakes with-stood as well, due to the warm up after the weekend there was not much traffic that created grooves in the lakes when they were slushy to refreeze so they are not rough. The temps dropped back down last night and we even got a bit of fresh snow over the night to our surprise to freshen things up.

Speaking of lakes, the Chippewa Flowage, while a great ride and filled with your favorite stops we do just want to advise you to stay on the staked trails and ride with caution. It’s excellent riding but the lake level has dropped about 8’ over the course of a few months as the energy company and DNR do this each season so with this lowering there are sand bars and stumps that you don’t normally see. The last 2 weeks or so those bars/humps and stumps are more noticeable. Volunteers have staked some of the concerning stumps but please keep your eyes peeled. Also at some areas of entrance on the Flowage you may find the level is so low there isn’t much water/ice and it’s muddy but those areas are off to the sides of the trails and again, very much passable. Just please ride safely and watch your surroundings.

Some logging is being done north of Nelson Lake on trail 8. Also trail 8 west to Washburn County has some logging happening on it.

So to conclude, the trails have held strong and you will find it to be another good weekend! The season is coming close as we all see signs of the changes but it’s not this week so don’t mentally change over yet! Let’s ride and have as much winter fun as we can!

As always a huge thank you to all the volunteers for your dedication and hard work! And thank you to all of you for choosing Sawyer County as your riding destination!

Snowmobile Friendly