Tuesday, February 19th Trail Report

Hello Riders!

There was lots and lots of traffic in the county this last weekend and groomers have been out and about. They will continue to groom and smooth out through the week. Snowmobiling is EXCELLENT this time of the year!

Trails reported to be groomed so far and will be groomed several times this week:
Trails 31 south and 3
Trail 18
Tuscobia from Winter to Price County. 5 south. Tuscobia from Winter to Couderay and trail 9 north to Hide Out and to 33 to Blueberry Oasis.
Trails from Chippewa Flowage to Moose Lake. Trail 5 from Fishtrap and trail 5 from Eagle Lodge to Tuscobia. 18 from 5 to Flowage, trail 12 from 18 to Flowage, trail 21 from 18 to 319.
Nelson Lake area, Seeley Hills, trail 63 from city of Hayward to north of Seeley.
Again, all trails will continue to be groomed through out the week several times as it doesn't take much more than a few riders to need more grooming when you have deep snow.