Trail Conditions

General Considerations
In general, the CAMBA trails are well-drained and are rideable within 12 hours or less of an average rainfall. If you encounter a trail that is consistently wet and you leave any more than a dimple of a tread impression from your tire, you should not be on the trail.

Please exercise good judgement when deciding to ride during wet periods. The damage inflicted on the trails can be extensive and cause a considerable amount of work for our volunteers and trail crew.

Trails are particularly vulnerable during the spring break-up period when the frost is leaving the ground and even more so in the fall, during the freeze/thaw cycle that occurs as we transition from fall to winter.


Hatchery Creek Trail: A detour is in place at the last ski trail crossing on the inbound trail due to ski trail construction. Signs should be in place to route riders back to the trailhead via ski trails. Otherwise the trail is fully open.


Makwa: from Gravel Pit Trailhead north to the Birkie, is currently closed due to active logging. You may use the Birkie trail to avoid the affected area.

Seeley Pass: Work is underway in the north parking lot at the OO Trailhead. A lot of soil will be removed and the lot re-graded. Riders may skirt the work to the west to get to the entry to the trail.