Color Tour 2

Color Tour #2 is a 60 mile loop giving the visitor spectacular views of the Chippewa Flowage and colorful forests.

Beginning at the Hayward Information Center building drive southwest on Highway 63 one block to the stop lights and turn left (southeast) onto Highway B and 27. At 0.5 mile turn left at the stop light by the Windmill and continue east on County B. At 9 miles you pass between the two Round Lakes. Squaw Bay of Round Lake is on the left and Little Round Lake is on the right.

At 13.5 miles turn right (south) at the Blue Heron onto Highway CC. In about 2 miles you begin to see lakes and bays that make up the Chippewa Flowage. The Chippewa Flowage was created in 1923 when Northern States Power built a dam on the Chippewa River. The dam flooded 15,300 acres and joined several small lakes into one large body of water.

Follow CC to the right around a sharp right turn in New Post and continue west. Highway CC turns south at 27 miles, however continue straight (west) on Highway N. Highway N ends at a T intersection with County Highway E at 31 miles. Turn left (south) on E and in 0.2 mile follow E to the right around a sweeping curve. At 34.2 miles follow E around a sharp left corner and pass a cranberry bog on the right side of the road. Highway E intersects with Highways 27 and 70 at 36.6 miles. Turn right onto Highway 27 and drive west. Continue on Highway 27 past the intersection with Highway 70 in about a mile and continue to the intersection with Highway K at 41.3 miles by the Trailways Inn.fall_scenery2

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Turn right onto Highway K and drive east. At 44.2 miles you pass a cranberry marsh on the left on the shore of Grindstone Lake. Shortly after seeing the marsh you enter Northwoods Beach at 45 miles. At 46.4 miles you cross Grindstone Creek. Lac (lake) Courte Oreilles is on the right. Turn left (west) onto County E at 48.6 miles. County E follows around the north shore of Grindstone Lake.

At 51.7 miles turn left onto Williams Road. Spring Lake is on the right at this T intersection. Williams Road winds southwest and west. At 53.9 miles continue straight on Williams Road and up a small hill past a cross road. The route turns onto Highway 27 at 55.8 miles at a T intersection. Turn right (north) on 27 and follow the highway into Hayward. At 60.2 miles turn right (northeast) at the stoplight onto Highway 63 and in one block you are back at the Hayward Information Center building.