Color Tour 4

This is a 45 mile tour that begins in Winter and passes through the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Most of the route is paved; however, 10.4 miles are on gravel roads.

Begin the tour in Winter at the intersection of Highways 70 and W and drive west on Highway 70 to the intersection with 27 and G. In about 4 miles you will pass a small park on the south side of the highway. At the intersection of Highways 27 and 70 and G lies the village of Ojibwa. Ojibwa, established in 1917, was one of the first planned communities in Wisconsin. The village had 173 houses and 133 barns, all of colonial architecture. Turn right (north) on Highway G and cross the Chippewa River. The large house on the left was a stopping place or hall for loggers and is the oldest house in Sawyer County.

The tour continues north and east on G along the north bank of the Chippewa River which you will cross at Bishop's bridge. There was a small settlement along the river here. Turn left (north) at the T intersection with Highway W. In just over two miles a road to the west leads to the Chippewa Flowage Dam. Continue north to the intersection with Highway B and turn right (east) onto Highway B. In 3.8 miles turn left (east) onto Universal Drive. Follow Universal Drive for 0.75 mile and continue straight (east) onto Black Dan Road. Follow Black Dan Rd for one mile and turn left (north) at the T intersection with North Clover Road. Follow the paved road for 3.4 miles to the T intersection with Blaisdell Lake Road. Turn right (east) on Blaisdell Lake Road and continue east and south crossing Lake Loretta at a narrows. Follow Blaisdell Lake Road east to the T intersection with Highway GG. Turn left (north) on GG and drive to Forest Road 311. Turn right (east) on the gravel road and drive 5.4 miles to the intersection with Forest Road 162. Turn right (south) on Forest Road 162 and drive 5.2 miles to Highway 70. Turn right (west) on Highway 70 and drive 14.5 miles back to Winter.