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The Stone Lake tour is 48 miles long and includes 14.8 miles of gravel roads. The woods along this tour are predominantly oak with some maple.

Begin the tour in Stone Lake at the intersection of Highway F and Highway 70. Drive southwest on Highway 70 and turn left (southeast) on Washburn County Highway BB just past the bridge. In 3.3 miles BB will turn however continue straight onto Ranch Road. In about 0.4 miles there is a gully that was a mile-long ditch dug by the Rice Lake Logging Company to divert water from Lake Sissabagama to the Slim Lake chain for driving logs down to Rice Lake.

The road passes between Sissabagama Lake and Little Sissabagama Lake. Turn left (southeast) on Sissabagama Road. The tour intersects the paved Highway F at a T intersection. Turn right (southwest) on F and continue southwest following Lake Chetac at a distance. Highway F intersects Highway 48 at a T intersection. Turn left (northeast) on Highways F and 48 then in 0.4 mile turn right (south) on F. The tour leaves the paved road near Bemis and Hunter Legion Post 379 and turns left on Stony Hill Road. Continue east and north on the gravel Stony Hill Road. The majority of the land along this section of road is managed as part of the Sawyer County Forest.fall_scenery6

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Stony Hill Road intersects with Highway 48 at a T intersection. Turn left (west) and follow Highway 48 about 3 miles to East Shore Road. Turn right (north) on East Shore Road and bear right at a Y intersection about 2 miles ahead. Past this intersection you can again catch glimpses of Lake Chetac. East Shore Road ends at a T intersection with Chapel Road. Turn left (west) on Chapel Road, drive about 0.2 miles and turn right (northeast) on Summit Lake Road. The turn is just before the intersection of Chapel Road with Highway F and is right next to a small church. Drive down the gravel Summit Lake Road, which becomes paved in about 2 miles. Continue straight at the stop sign and turn right (northeast) on Right of Way Road. This road passes under a high railroad trestle owned by the Wisconsin Central Railroad - the name on the trestle still says Soo Line. The tour crosses the Couderay River. Turn left (north) on Butler Road and continue to a T intersection with Highway 70. Turn left (north) on Highway 70. There is a historical marker on the south (left) side of the highway about one mile ahead. The tour continues west on Highway 70 and turns left (southwest) on Highway 70 at the intersection of Highways 27 and 70. Stone Lake and the end of the tour are just down the road.

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