Cross Country Trail Report

From the Birkie Trail grooming crew...

Friday, 1.12.18 – around midnight – After the 2″-3″ of new snow we received last night, we groomed the skate deck and laid tracks from American Birkebeiner TH (start area) down to Hatchery Creek TH.  This includes the Birkie Ridge connector, the loops at OO, and the loops at Hatchery Creek.  Conditions are excellent today!  Enjoy!

***Heartwood Conference Center Trails... 12 km of trails have been rolled and groomed for both skate and classic, and are in good condition at this time.

***The Hayward Hospital Trails... the trail is good, the grooming is good, well worth your time to ski on.

***Mukwanago...  There is some debris (sticks and leaves) on the groomed surface, but the base is in fantastic shape, and the trail is good!

***Flambeau Hills Ski Trail (in Winter)... the trail is groomed and tracked.  The northern portion of the trail system is in excellent condition.  The southern portion of the trail system is in good condition - you  may encounter some debris on the trail in spots - but overall it's still in good condition.