By: Amy Walter

Well this week I can actually say I did a little better than the last few weeks with making it to holiday events. I sacrificed my sleep this past Saturday to get up bright and early to start my day of festivities and I don’t regret it a single bit! I’ll always have time to catch up on sleep but these precious moments with my family are few and I need to enjoy them while I can.

I started out by joining my sister’s family at the Stone Lake Lion’s Hall for their annual Christmas ornament making event which included homemade ornaments, punch, cookies, and a visit from Santa. This event has been going on for as long as I can remember, I grew up going every year and I still decorate our tree with some of our homemade ornaments. You get to start by decorating a paper bag for your goodies with stamps made out of potatoes then you go around to each station where a helper is waiting there to get you going on your project.

Growing up in a small town like Stone Lake you tend to know everyone so to see some of the same faces still helping from when I grew up warmed my heart. I was able to help with it one year and it was nice to see it from the other side of things, to see the joy from the kids and their parents making these little ornaments together was priceless. When I was little Santa usually brought the same thing every year which I was totally fine with! The paper gift bag always included one of the biggest oranges and apples I had ever seen, a few candy canes, and some peanuts. Looking back it seems like a strange gift to get from Santa but I loved it and I always looked forward to it! I’m very big on traditions so to be able to watch my nephews grow up with some of the same traditions my sister and I had warms my heart. If you don’t know me I’m  the

biggest sap you’ve ever seen and I cry at everything so of course I started to tear up as I stood there taking pictures of my nephews sitting on Santa’s lap, nothing made me happier.

After our visit with Santa my sister and I headed to the High School for A Cane Christmas. They had vendors set up which included Scentys, homemade crafts, cookies, homemade earrings and much more. My sister and I couldn’t pass up the earrings; these particular earrings are made from leather right here in Hayward by Ten & Ty Designs, and they are always beautiful. I wore mine right away to work that night, and even though no one really sees me at work I just had to flaunt my new purchase.

I was also able to make it outside with my nephews this week, my 9 month old nephew started laughing as soon as he saw the sled, and he loved being pulled around. My nearly 3 year old nephew is big into splitting ice like they do in Frozen so he kept himself occupied for most of the time cutting ice. Hopefully we get more nice days like that to spend outside instead of this below zero weather we’ve had lately.

The next thing I’m hoping to make it to is the Light Your Engines Parade this Saturday the 14th at 6pm on Main Street in Hayward. Bundle up and see the creativity as vehicles, tractors, and ATV’s are lit up for their cold descent down Main Street. There will also be awards for best lights, best Christmas spirit, and best overall. If you’re up for braving the cold it’s a fun family event for all ages and hopefully I’ll see you there!