Lumberjack Show Spectacular!

Fred Scheer’s Lumberjack Show is a must when you visit Hayward, Wisconsin! Home to the World Lumberjack Championships, the demonstration embraces Hayward’s history with an entertaining show featuring some of the same events as the championship. With popcorn in hand, a friend and I went to a show on Monday. Growing up in Hayward, we could recall school field trips to the Lumberjack Bowl, and it was so much fun to be back and see the very events that help put Hayward on the map.

Photo provided by Julie Thompson

Ian Okamoto was the emcee of the show and split the audience into two teams, Team Hayward and Team Seeley. We were then assigned our lumberjacks who were going to compete for us. Before the competition could begin, Ian had to make sure that we knew how to cheer on our lumberjacks with a boastful, “Yo ho!”. Then, it was game on. Team Hayward and Team Seeley competed valiantly, and to no one’s surprise were a competitive bunch. The axe throwing competition was fun to watch (even if my team didn’t get the point). The sports were filled with joyful rivalry and ribbing, along with more than a couple of cheesy jokes to add to the fun.

At the Lumberjack Show, they certainly aren’t afraid to get the audience involved. One of the highlights of the show was watching four, young children have a “Yo, ho!” contest. I laughed until I cried as Ian had them compete for the longest “Yo, ho!”; you would not believe the lungs on some of these kids! Afterwards, Brody from Team Seeley, demonstrated his wood carving skills to the audience’s delight.

The night ended with the water events. The “boom run” is an event that features eight logs tied together that the lumberjack has to try and cross to the other side. Then, the famous log rolling! I cannot believe the coordination and balance that these boys must have to not only roll the log, but also splash their competitor while doing it!

The show was a great time, full of laughter and amazement at the history and the ability that the lumberjacks demonstrated. If you’re ever in Hayward, you have to stop and take in a show! They have a number of fast-pace events and it’s a family-friendly show that is sure to be a highlight of your visit!

Check out their website for more information and to buy tickets!