Monday Flea Market: Something for Everyone

June is here and Hayward is in full bloom. The resorts are ready for visitors, the stores look bright and shiny, and the Monday Flea Market is in full swing. I went yesterday and was surprised by just how many vendors there were and the sheer variety of what was for sale. They had everything from twenty kinds of fishing lures to Disney VHS tapes. I couldn’t help but get sucked into the fun of shopping around, even though I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed to buy. That made the fact that I left with a bag full of stuff even better.

The vendors were a lot like the weather: warm and sunny. They told me that the crowds were starting to pick up and the shoppers were steady. I, myself, couldn’t help but grin when I found an opened season of one of my favorite shows, for only three dollars. You certainly can’t find that at Target. I had wandered around the Sports Center for twenty minutes or so when one of the vendors mentioned the buzz of the inside. I was in awe when they explained that both arenas inside were chalk full of vendors and a little market café. Inside, vendors lined the walls, their handmade jewelry glittering and tables of books tugging my story loving heart.

The best part of a flea market is that there is something for everyone. For the sports lover, there’s a million different kinds of trading cards and metal signs displaying a multitude of teams and sports, perfect for anyone’s man cave. For the pet lover, there’s jumbo pet beds for a steal of a price and decorated collars. Like I mentioned, it’s a book lover’s paradise. There’s stories for all ages and a variety of genres that will satisfy even the pickiest book connoisseur. Kids are bound to find something that they want to bring home, whether it’s a new outfit for their doll or a board game they haven’t tried yet. I know that I will be back again next Monday, unable to resist checking out what the 80+ vendors have brought this time. Nothing makes this college student’s heart quite as happy as walking tacos and $2 hard cover books.