Shopping and Swimming

One of the best parts of living in Hayward is when family comes up to your neck of the woods and getting to show them around. Last week, my aunt and young cousins came and visited us for a few days. I was armed with a list of all the things to do in Hayward, and the six-year-old was sure our first stop should be West’s Dairy. She got a chocolate malt and I got the S’mores ice cream; perfect for a hot day! We explored all the wonderful shops around Main Street. Tremblay’s was a must for the kids and everyone enjoyed wandering through the stores.

I was excited to show the girls the beaches around Hayward. Being from a bigger city, they weren’t too sure about swimming with actual

Lake Hayward Beach

fish, but they had a great time making sand castles. We all headed out to Trail’s End Resort for a late lunch. The girls had a great time playing on their jungle gym while the rest of us chatted over delicious cheese curds. It was a great spot for lunch, bright umbrellas decorating a deck that sits right on the lake. The view was almost as good as the food. There were tasty burgers and the kids loved their chicken tenders.

Hayward offers so many activities, for all ages, so it was a lot of fun being able to show my family around. The kids had a great time, from shopping to swimming, and they’re already making a list of everything they want to do next time they come to visit, with kayaking and mini-golf at the top of it. I know that Go-Karts and hitting the ATV trails are on mine. If you’re looking for a place filled with family fun, Hayward is the place to go!