By: Amy Walter

I’m hoping it is safe to say that spring is on its way, although I’m watching snow flurries fly as I type this and keeping in mind how unpredictable Wisconsin can be in April and May I’m still holding onto the fact that it’s right around the corner. Spring is by far my favorite season, the smells of spring are enough for me but of course I don’t complain about the nicer weather. If I could find a candle of what spring smells like to me I would have it lit 24/7.

Growing up spring to me always meant walks down the road picking up pop cans, riding my bike, getting to help burn our grass, driving around looking at deer, and helping Grandma plant the garden. My Grandma’s garden was huge and beautiful; she took so much pride in it, people driving by used to stop just to look at the gorgeous array of flowers and vegetables she had. One of my favorite pictures I have of her is her standing in her garden. I always loved harvest time when I got to help pick and can everything with her. My gardens never quite turn out like hers and I seem to be averaging a good garden about every other year but every time it turns out I just smile thinking of how proud she must be that her passion and hard work rubbed off onto me a little. Since my garden last year kind of fell apart I’m thinking this is my year! Hopefully come summer I’ll have good news to report about my garden.

Now that I’m older what I’m most looking forward to this spring is baseball season! If you’ve read some of my other blogs you’d know I’m a big Brewer fan and more so a big Christian Yelich fan who just signed a very long deal with us and I have been on cloud nine ever since! I’ve already bought tickets to a few games this year and I can’t wait to go! I find Wisconsin to be a very proud state, they stay true to their teams win or lose and their energy at games makes the experience so much fun.

The older I get the more I appreciate the beauty of the north woods and am thankful I grew up in a small town with so much to see. This year I’m hoping to get out and explore some more of our walking trails, I’ve never been much of a hiker but after seeing so much beauty on my side by side ride last summer I’m hoping to slow life down a little and find more of that. If any of you avid hikers have suggestions on where to start let me know, maybe I’ll see you out there! Happy spring!