Fat Tire Biking

From paved biking to mountain bike trails, the trails crisscrossing Hayward Lakes and Sawyer County offer endless opportunities for adventure on two wheels. You will experience gorgeous scenery around every turn and moderate to challenging rides for all ages. Check for our local members who offer bike rentals!

Winter Fat Tire Biking in Chequamegon National Forest

Of the 300+ miles in the CAMBA system, over 70 of them are groomed throughout the winter for fat biking.  Beginners looking for a new adventure, or experienced riders who just want to go fast, might check out the Hospital Gateway Trails or the Big Easy Loop at OO.  Moderately challenging trails can be found at Hatchery Creek County Park, and more difficult trails lie in the thickly wooded Seeley Hills area. You can find information and maps for those trails here.  The conditions at specific trails, hazard information, and recommended tire pressures can be found here.

Other Resources for Fat Tire Bikers