Clam Lake

Clam Lake is 33 miles east of Hayward on Hwy. 77. Muskie, walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, and panfish abound in this ideal setting for a pleasant vacation. Clam Lake covers 229 acres of water and has a maximum depth of 22 feet.

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Chippewa Flowage

Created in the 1920’s by a dam on the Chippewa River, the Flowage is Wisconsin’s largest wilderness lake. With more than 15,000 acres of water, a maximum depth of 92 feet, 140 islands, and over 200 miles of undeveloped shoreline, the Chippewa Flowage offers you a world of opportunity. Enjoy the thrill of a fighting

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Callahan Lake

Callahan Lake, first settled in 1914 by legendary lumberjack Callahan Bill Streveas, is now one of the most secluded and private lakes in the area. Callahan Lake is fed from Chief River, which then flows into the Chippewa Flowage, making a stopping place for many fish. Floating bogs, islands, and open waters provide for an

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Blueberry Lake

Come and experience Blueberry Lake, one of the small wonders of the Northwoods. Covering more than 250 acres of water and depths reaching down to 29 feet, this lake offers you and your family an abundant supply of walleye, bass, and panfish. Blueberry Lake is only 20 minutes southeast of Hayward, on County N.

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Birch Lake

Big Birch Lake, the smaller cousin of Lake Chetac, is unique in other ways: its 368 acres contain deeper waters, with a 73-foot maximum depth and 24-foot mean depth. More structure, bars, and drop-offs provide better habitat for that most elusive game fish: the walleye. Birch Lake is located 26 miles south of Hayward on

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Big Sissabagama Lake

This excellent fishing lake in Sawyer County is 18 miles south of Hayward. Big Sissabagama Lake covers 805 acres and reaches depths up to 48 feet. Fish include musky, panfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and walleye.

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Big Lake Chetac

Big Lake Chetac is located 25 miles south of Hayward on County F.  Lake Chetac flows south from Edgewater to The Narrows, the channel flowing south between Lake Chetac and Big Birch Lake, near Birchwood. With 1,920 acres, a maximum depth of 28 feet and an average depth of 12 to 18 feet, Lake Chetac

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Barker Lake

Barker Lake is 26 miles east of Hayward on County B.  Muskie, northern, walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, and panfish abound in this ideal setting for a pleasant vacation. Barker Lake covers more than 238 acres and reaches depths of 12 feet.

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