The View From Above

My usual approach in these blog posts is to describe my experiences in a typical, Hayward Lakes-type recreational activity.  So far, I’ve covered fat biking and trail running.  This week I decided to try my hand on a stand-up paddleboard.

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Early Summer is the Season for Sight Fishing in Hayward

One of the really special aspects to early summer fishing is how visual it can be. There’s something very thrilling about seeing a school of big crappie, or a chunky cruising smallmouth bass and then trying to tempt them to bite. Situations where you can see the fish are also highly engaging for young anglers. Just knowing there’s a big pike within casting distance will get those little hearts pumping!

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Summer Trail Running

With summer well underway, we’re at the three-way intersection of tick season, mosquito season, and deer fly season.  Add in heat and humidity, and it’s a perfect time to get out and run area trails.  Yesterday I hopped in the truck, drove out to Hatchery Creek County Park, and ran my old reliable 8-miler:  up the Birkie Trail to Mosquito Brook Road, and back.

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Catch your own Fish Fry

It’s Friday night in Wisconsin…what is the first thing that comes to mind?  A fish-fry of course!  For as long as I can remember, the Friday night Fish Fry has been as synonymous with Wisconsin as Brandy Old Fashions and cheese curds.  While there are countless options for Fish Frys in the Hayward area, sometimes it is fun to mix it up a bit and go catch your own bounty to fry up!

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Spring into the Fundamentals of Fishing

This time of year, when the snow is starting to melt and anglers are itching to get on the water, is a perfect time to brush up on your fundamentals or better yet, get a young person interested in fishing even before it is time to get in the boat. Practice makes perfect, even when angling, and having good fundamentals can make a difference in the number of fish you can catch!

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