Fall Color Adventures in the Hayward Lakes Area

By: Mindy Simons (Assistant Director-Hayward Lakes Visitor & Convention Bureau)

As the days get shorter and the nights grow cooler, nature goes to work to reveal the true personalities of the trees.  The bright yellow, orange, and red colors of autumn are a once-a-year show that never disappoints.

A quick science lesson is appropriate to explain how the colors will reveal themselves each year.  Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color and is used to capture the sun’s energy.  Over the summer and into the fall as the levels of chlorophyll decline, the brightly colored pigments of the leaves become visible.  While many factors can influence the quality and duration of leaf colors, the single most important is the weather during the time that the leaves are changing color.  Cool, sunny weather will result in the brightest foliage colors; conversely, warmer weather will accelerate the processes within leaves causing them to drop from the trees faster and oftentimes reducing the red pigments produced.

The Hayward Lakes Area is a wonderful place to view the beauty of autumn.  The Hayward Lakes Visitor and Convention Bureau has 6 different Fall Color Tours that highlight the beauty of Northwestern Wisconsin. Drives range from 45 miles to 70 miles traveling through some of the most scenic foliage in Sawyer County.  Maps and details are available at the Information Center in downtown Hayward, WI or online at www.haywardlakes.com.

Fall fishing opportunities are abundant as well, and what better way to take in the beautiful colors than from the water, while chasing a trophy Musky!  Stop in at the Information Center and pick up our Explore Map which shows all the public boat launches in Sawyer County.  You can also give us a call at 715-634-4801 and request a map by mail.

Let’s not forget the incredible ATV/UTV trail system in the Hayward Lakes and Sawyer County area.  Experience fall on four wheels and get deep within the forest for some phenomenal 360° vistas of color.  Visit www.ATVHayward.com to find maps, food, lodging, and rentals on the trail!

Whatever your chosen method of transportation, the Hayward Area is a must-stop Fall-Color getaway.  Colors typically peak around the last week of September to the first week of October, so plan your visit accordingly and enjoy all the beauty that the Northwoods has to offer!