Hayward Area Color Tours

In the fall the forest colors change from the greens of summer to reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, as the rapidly shortening days and frosty nights produce a riot of color. Not all species of trees change color at the same time. Scattered red maple in swamp areas begin to change to brilliant red in late August. About the time of the equinox, September 22nd, the sugar maples change to rich oranges or yellows. The peak of the maple color is generally considered the peak of color in the Northland. Sumac become a bright red around the time that the maple color changes. The aspen (popples) turn to a bright yellow as the maples begin to lose their leaves. Oaks change to dark reds and shades of reddish brown a few weeks after the maples. The last tree to change color is the tamarack, which is the only conifer to lose its needles: about the time that most of the hardwoods have lost their leaves, the tamaracks in the swamps become yellow.



Following are links to six popular color tours--three each for the northern and southern sections of Sawyer County. You will have an opportunity to print directions for each tour, in order to have a ready reference on your journey. Please choose your adventure below, and be sure to bring a camera!  Click below for a narrative description and map, or skip the narrative and click on the box for maps only.

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