Skiing and Snowshoeing

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For winter fun the Hayward Area has over 200 kilometers of some of the best cross-country ski trails in the Midwest. Here you can challenge yourself on the world class American Birkebeiner Trail, the premiere ski trail in North America, or ski at a relaxed pace on narrow paths close to nature. Our cross-country skiing trails make skiing a memorable experience.

Winter in Hayward LakesThis is a very special place anytime of the year, but especially during the winter. The Hayward Area typically receives plenty of snow and offers numerous trails. Whether you are a casual, occasional skier, an active enthusiast or an avid racer, Northwest Wisconsin has something for you. From easy going and intimate classically groomed trails suitable for the whole family to the most significant Nordic superhighway in the nation, the American Birkebeiner Trail, the choices are wonderful.

View list of trails below for your cross country skiing escapades.

American Birkebeiner Trail

Trail Options:

  1. Point to point Birkie trail from the American Birkebeiner Trailhead in Cable to the Fish Hatchery Trailhead in Hayward, 41.1km.
  2. Point to point Birkie Classic Trail from the American Birkebeiner Trailhead in Cable to the OO Trailhead in Seeley, 25.4 km.
  3. The North End Ski Trails, FIsh Hatchery Loops and OO Loops (see specific information below) can all be accessed from the Birkie Trail.
  4. There is a snowmaking loop at the American Birkebeiner Trailhead that is groomed and tracked before there is enough natural snow to groom the Birkie Trail.  *Special pass required (see below).


Facilities: TrailHeads: Fish Hatchery Park - parking, pit toilet, warming building, food/lodging and ski shop nearby; Mosquito Brook - parking, warming building; OO-NEW! Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center with indoor bathrooms and gathering area, parking, water, restaurant nearby-  OO South 4 km of lighted loops; OO North-2 km Easy Strider Classic Loop. Gravel Pit-warming building, limited parking (after Mosquito Brook); Boedecker-warming building, parking (after OO); Firetower-warming building, limited parking (after Boedecker); Timber Trail- warming building, limited parking (after Firetower); American Birkebeiner Trailhead-warming building, indoor bathroom, water, parking, restaurant and shopping nearby, snowmaking loop.

Birkie TrailDirections: Fish Hatchery Park: USH 63 one mile north of Hayward to USH 77, east on 77 for 3 miles to Fish Hatchery Rd., turn left and go 1 mile to trailhead; Mosquito Brook: From Hayward, take USH 63 north 2.9 miles to Phipps Rd., turn right/east, go 1.7 miles to Phipps Firelane at Phipps Tavern. Turn right/east, go 0.4 miles to Mosquito Brook Rd. Turn right/south, go 0.8 miles to the trailhead; OO: USH 63 10 miles north to Cty. OO, turn right/east and drive 3.5 miles to trailhead; North End Cabin: From Hayward take USH 63 north for 17 miles to Cable.
From Cable take Cty. Hwy. M east 0.2 miles to Randysek Rd., turn right/south and follow Randysek Rd. 2 miles to trailhead.

American Birkebeiner Trailhead: From Hayward take USH 63 north for 17 miles to Cable.  From Cable take Cty Hwy M east 0.2 miles to Randysek Road.  Turn right/south and follow Randysek Road for 3/4 mile to McNaught Rd.  Turn left and follow for 2 miles.  McNaught Road dead-ends at the Trailhead.

Flambeau Hills (Oxbo, Wisconsin and 16 miles from Winter, Wisconsin)

Trail options:  10 trails groomed for skating and classical. Dogs are not allowed on the trail.  Do not walk or snowshoe on the ski trails.

Fees:  State Trail passes are required. Flambeau River State Forest, W 1613 County Road W, Winter, WI  54806 (715)332-5271

Facilities: Parking, pit-toilet, three-sided shelter and picnic spot.

Directions: State Hwy 70 to Snuss Blvd (4.3 mile trail) or County Road W from Winter 16 miles. (Rim Creek Loop 3.9 miles).

For more information call 715-332-5271.

Hatchery Park Trail

Trail options: .4km, 1.15km, 1.9km loops groomed for skating and classical. Trails connect to American Birkebeiner Ski Trail.

Fees: $10.00 daily/$50.00 annual per vehicle. $50.00 daily per bus.

Facilities: Parking, warming building, water, restroom. Food, lodging, ski shop nearby in Hayward. All trails are lighted from dusk to 10pm.

Directions: USH 63 north from Hayward to Hwy. 77. Turn right/east on Hwy. 77 for 4 miles then turn left/north on Hatchery Road. Parking is in the lot at the top of the hill or at another lot near the pavilion.

For more information call 715-634-8685.

Hayward Hospital Ski Trails

Trail Options: 2km loop, 3km loop - Easy, Lake Loop

Fees: Donations accepted.

Facilities: Parking. Food, lodging, ski shop nearby in Hayward.

Directions: From Hayward follow USH 63 north to the intersection with Hwy. 27/77. Turn left/west. Follow signs to hospital, approximately ¾ mile. Turn right at hospital driveway. Follow to ski trails parking.

For more information call 715-634-8685.

Mukwonago Ski Trail

Trail Options: Loops of 2.3, 4.4, 7.5 and 13.6km. Groomed for skating and classical.

Fees: $3.00 daily/ $10.00 annual parking fee.

Facilities: Parking, pit toilet.

Directions: From Hayward drive 18.5 miles east on Hwy. 77. From Cable take Hwy. 63 south to Co. Hwy. OO in Seeley and follow OO to Hwy.77. Turn left/east on 77 for another 7 miles.

For more information call 715-634-4821.

North End Ski Trails (Cable)

Trail Options: One 10km loop with two shorter cutoffs. Skating and classical. New classic only trail. Degree of difficulty: intermediate.

Fees: $10.00 daily/$50.00 annual per vehicle. $50.00 daily per bus. In addition, passes are good for the Birkie and Birkie Classic Trails at all Birkie Trail Heads – Fish Hatchery Park, Mosquito Brook, and Cty. OO trail heads.

Facilities: Parking, toilet, warming cabin. Food, lodging nearby. Trails connect to American Birkebeiner Trail and Telemark Resort. Three snowshoe trails begin at same trail head.

Directions: Take County Hwy. M east from Cable. Go 2 blocks and turn right on Randysek Rd. Go 2 miles south to North End Trail Head.

For more information call 715-798-3599.

Seeley Ski

Trail-Directions: Follow US HWY 63 to Seeley (10 miles N of Hayward). Turn east on

County Hwy OO. Go ½ mile to Old OO. Turn right and continue 1.5 miles to parking lot on the right.

Facilities: warming building, water, restroom, and parking. No fees but donations are accepted. All trails are lighted from dusk until 10 p.m.

For more information contact 715-634-8685

Town of Hayward Recreational Forest Trail

Trail-Directions: Follow Hwy 63S 1 mile from downtown Hayward to Greenwood Lane, turning right.  Follow Greenwood Lane about 3/4 miles to stop sign.  Turn left onto W County Hill Road.  Follow County Hill Road about 1.5 miles.  As you pass a gravel pit area, you'll see a sign on your left.  Town of Hayward Recreational Forest parking area.

Facilities: warming building, restroom, and parking. No fees but donations are accepted.

For more information contact 715-634-4123


The soft sound of your snowshoes packing the snow are about all one can hear as you make your way through the woods in the deep snow of our long northwestern Wisconsin winters. We hope you enjoy your snowshoeing experience here in northwest Wisconsin and come back often to explore other parts of the region.

HASTA Hospital Ski Trail

Length: 1 mile loops, Parking, Dogs allowed on snowshoe trail.  Snowshoe trails are marked with colored tape on trees. No fee or pass required.

Hatchery Creek Park

Length: 3 miles. Trail type: Intermediate.  The trails are lit from dusk to 10 pm.  No fee or pass required.  Trail does connect to the Birkie Trail where a fee is required.

Town of Hayward Recreational Forest Trail.

Length: 4 miles of winding trails for snowshoeing and skiing with a couple hills, scenic, small lake; dogs are allowed.  Easy to Moderate.  No Fee or pass required.