Are you looking for the best lake kayaking in the Northwoods? Does your family angler need a quiet fishing lake to put a boat in? Hayward Lakes and our surrounding area have a variety of lakes, ponds, and rivers and make it a prime destination for silent sports and fishing alike.

Summit Lake

Summit Lake

Summit Lake is 61 acres in size, and 22 feet deep at its deepest point. Bluegill, largemouth bass, northern pike and smallmouth bass.

Hoinville Lake

Hoinville Lake

Hoinville Lake is a 60-acre lake located in Washburn County. It has a maximum depth of 23 feet. Fish include panfish and largemouth bass.

Drummond Lake - Hayward Lakes

Drummond Lake

Drummond Lake is a 97-acre lake in Bayfield County with a depth of 49 feet. Fish include panfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye.

Big Sissabagama Lake - Hayward Lakes

Big Sissabagama Lake

Big Sissabagama Lake is excellent fishing lake in Sawyer County that covers 805 acres and reaches depths up to 48 feet.

Sand Lake

Sand Lake

Sand Lake covers 928 acres and reach depths of 50 feet. Musky, walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, and panfish.

Teal Lake - Hayward Lakes

Teal Lake

Teal Lake, with its six wilderness islands, 1049 acres of water, and 31 feet deep. Muskie, walleye, northern pike, bass, and panfish

Chippewa Flowage - Hayward Lakes

Chippewa Flowage

Chippewa Flowage is Wisconsin’s largest wilderness lake. Over 15,000 acres, depth of 92 feet, 140 islands, and 200 miles of undeveloped shoreline

Ghost Lake - Hayward Lakes

Ghost Lake

Ghost Lake is in the unspoiled Chequamegon National Forest and has a 10-mph speed limit, unique to the Midwest.

Callahan Lake

Callahan Lake is fed from Chief River, which then flows into the Chippewa Flowage, making a stopping place for many fish.

Nelson Lake - Hayward Lakes

Nelson Lake

Nelson Lake covers 3,000 acres of water, 31 miles of shoreline, depths reaching 33 feet, and provides great fishing habitat.

Big Lake Chetac - Hayward lakes

Big Lake Chetac

Lake Chetac flows south from Edgewater to The Narrows, the channel flowing south between Lake Chetac and Big Birch Lake, near Birchwood

Spider Lake - Hayward Lakes

Spider Lake Chain

Spider Lake Chain of Lakes more than 1600 acres of shoreline and depths up to 43 feet of clear, spring-fed water.

Lake Hayward - Hayward Lakes

Lake Hayward

Lake Hayward covers more than 247 acres and reaches depths up to 17 feet. Musky, walleye, bass, and panfish thrive.

Lake St. Croix

Lake St. Croix

Lake St. Croix is 828 acres in size with a maximum depth of 22 feet. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, and walleye

Clam Lake - Hayward Lakes

Clam Lake

Clam Lake covers 229 acres of water and has a maximum depth of 22 feet. Muskie, walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, and panfish abound.

Namekagon Lake - Hayward Lakes

Lake Namakagon

Lake Namakagon is 2897 acres with depths of 51 feet. Fish species include walleye, musky, pike, bass, and panfish.

Birch Lake - Hayward Lakes

Birch Lake

Birch Lake is unique: its 368 acres contain deeper waters, with a 73-foot maximum depth and 24-foot mean depth.

Lac Courte Oreilles - Hayward Lakes

Lac Courte Oreilles

Lac Courte Oreilles Lakes are 4800 acres with weed beds for musky, northern pike, large/smallmouth bass, walleye, and panfish.

Tiger Cat Flowage - Hayward Lakes

Tiger Cat Flowage

The Tiger Cat Chain of Lakes covers a combined area of 1,700 acres. The six lakes are known for their musky and bass population.

Barker Lake

Barker Lake

Barker Lake is 26 miles east of Hayward on County B.  Muskie, northern, walleye, large- and smallmouth bass, and panfish abound in this ideal setting for a pleasant vacation. Barker Lake covers more than 238 acres and reaches depths of 12 feet.

Trego Lake

Trego Lake covers more than 450 acres of water and reaches depths of 36 feet. The walleye, bass, and northern pike await your lures.

Grindstone Lake - Hayward Lakes

Grindstone Lake

3100 acre lake with hardwoods, pines, and bordered by beaches, Grindstone Lake contains plenty of walleye, musky, pike, bass, and panfish.

Namekagon River

Namekagon River

Almost 95 miles, Namekagon varies from a cold-water trout stream, closed in by a coniferous forest, to a slow-moving flow through swamp land

Blueberry Lake - Hayward Lakes

Blueberry Lake

Blueberry Lake covers more than 250 acres of water and depths reaching 29 feet, this lake offers walleye, bass, and panfish.

Long Lake

Long Lake

The Walleye Capital of Wisconsin, Long Lake is a 3,300 acre, 19-mile-long lake reaching depths of over 70 feet.

Moose Lake

Moose Lake

Moose Lake reaches depths of 32 feet and is fed by three rivers and many springs. Musky and walleye enjoy the weed beds and flowage waters.

Lost Land Lake - Hayward Lakes

Lost Land Lake

Set deep in the unspoiled Chequamegon National Forest and blessed with a 10-mph speed limit, this gem is unique to the Midwest.

Round Lake

Round Lake

Big and Little Round lakes cover more than 3,000 acres, reach depths up to 74 feet and are connected by a navigable channel.