Because hiking can be an all-yearlong hobby; there are endless possibilities in our area for this sport.
You can pick and choose from every level of opportunity whether it's a casual walk or a challenging hill in a forest. It is there for you to reach your goals. The neighboring Chequamegon National Forest offers 850,000 acres to explore and many miles of Trails to hike.

This special place in the northern woodlands of Wisconsin affords a genuine opportunity to enjoy the wild and scenic wonders of its diverse landscapes. Characterized by gently rolling terrain, this sparsely populated rural region offers a unique opportunity to 'get away from it all.' Its tradition of low visitor use invites a feeling of seclusion; a place to escape from the congested metropolitan cities of the midwest, to rest, reflect, and revive weary spirits. The Chequamegon leaves an impression of tranquillity and inner peace. View list of trails below for your hiking and snowshoeing escapades.